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You may have noticed that the blog has undergone a few changes. This bad boy now lives on a new blogging platform; WordPress it is!

I realize that this won’t be without a few hiccups, though I’m trying to minimize those as much as possible for everyone!

There were a few reasons for the change, one of the biggest being the privacy features offered by wordpress. It’s interesting that my facebook profile can only be viewed by less than 25 people, yet anyone in the world can see this blog. I’m cool with some of that, but pictures and family updates don’t belong to the whole world. Here I can make some posts private, and keep some of my others more open. Seems like a good middle-ground for the hermit that secretly resides inside me somewhere.

I am however having some trouble updating the feed. If you subscribe to this through the RSS feeds in a reader, I’d recommend updating just to make sure you don’t miss anything! Are any of you out there using google reader or another feedburner to get the updates? If so, is it working?

Here’s the new link: http://www.minnesotahousewife.wordpress.com

I also have to go through and update every link that may or may not have gotten broken along the way. NIGHTMARE.

Has anyone else gone through this transition? The technical jargon is all dungeons and dragons to me and I’m a smidge overwhelmed by the changes required. If you have any wordpress tips and tricks please send them my way!

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Featured: Pearly Blogger

I’m being featured as a Pearly Blogger over at “A girl in pearls and a boy with toys!”
This is a great new feature where she highlights “up and coming” bloggers! Click here to see my little update!
 (PS. Typical blonde moment, just realized that I listed my wrong age!!! I’m 26; not 27 :o)

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Blog Makeover

Those of you who are new ’round here may not notice; but my blog recently got a major overhaul. I’ve got a new blog header; and also a new background! I’m not set on the background yet but it’ll work.
Anyone remember the old one? It was black/white damask with a light blue header. I can appreciate good stalking when I see it; and realized many of you may appreciate some more pics. The new header shows off some pictures and I really like the improvements. 
Suddenly everything is also center-aligned. No idea how that happened. Work with me here people; I can only create one blog miracle per day and I’ve already reached my limit.
Is my blog on the best or worst dressed list? Any suggestions on how to improve it?

Here are a couple of fantastic resources I used:

Blog Know How: great tips on the technical aspects of blogging. Setting up 3-columns, editing HTML code, removing borders from images; and so much more!

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This weekend I was at a baby shower and my new blogging habit came up. Someone asked, “how many blogs do you read?” I honestly had to stop because I’m pretty sure I “read” almost 50!!! It’s addicting. I’ll find one blog I love, then that person will link up to five other blogs and before you know it I’m cyber-stalking 5 new people. Awesome!

I used to keep tabs on all my favorite blogs by bookmarking (adding to my favorites) the sites on my internet explorer. Trouble is, I could never remember what I’d arleady read! One day I stumbled up on Google Reader, and took my blog-reading to a whole new level. If you have a google account, this is an awesome resource! It’s pretty simple to navigate, but I figured I would provide some screenshots to help you along the way.

1. Go to http://www.google.com/. On the menu bar (possibly under “more”) scroll to reader.

2. You will be prompted to log-in with your google account information.

3. The Google Reader will open. Any blogs that I’m a follower of have now been added to my left-hand menu. I can also click the “Add a Subscription” box to add other website that I’d like to receive updates from. Bolded Blogs indicate new content has been added. (One more reason to become a follower!)

 Prepare to take your stalking to a whole new level! Hope this helps someone out there!

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I have to be honest with you. People leaving comments on my blog gives me a high like no other. I put some effort into jotting down my thoughts, and low and behold someone actually enjoys them? Heaven. My normal routine is to reply to all blog comments on my way into work each morning. If you have a “no reply” comment, I can’t respond back to you via email! Bummer because many comments ask follow-up questions or say things that are so funny I feel the need to respond.

Before you call the producers of Intervention to discuss this “high” I’ve become so obsessed with, I would prefer you enable me a bit more and just fix this on your own. Kelsey at The Seattle Smith’s wrote great instructions to help us all! So please; check out her post and then let me know if you’ve updated your settings!

Leah; I’m calling you out especially because you are a frequent commenter; but then I have to text you my replies. :o) Get after it girl!

Good luck!

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Anyone viewing this on the web might see a new feature. Across the top I added a little navigation bar to some of the most frequented pages. Thought it would be easier to find what you’re looking for that way!

I used this tutorial and found it was pretty simple to get what I needed. Anyone looking to jazz up their blog; I would highly recommend this site!

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Inagural Post!

Well the time has come; I’m going to “get my blog on” and join this crazy online world. I’m working hard at setting up the blog to be how I want it, and it’s tough to get used to!

Here is a link to a great site I used to get up and running. I found it to be much more helpful when trying to set up my header (although it’s pretty trashy looking at the moment!)

Don’t worry, as I get up and running hopefully my posts will begin to be more entertaining!

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