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Let it be known. I’ve abstained from tasteless celebrity gossip for approximately 4 days. Don’t ever ask me to do it again. It may be obvious here, but one of my favorite shows are the Real Housewives series on Bravo. Holy disasters. I love EVERYTHING about these shows. Tacky, tasteless, and filthy rich. What’s not to love?

Until they cast me for the Real Housewives of Minnesota; I figure it’s within my rights as a superfan to chime in my two cents on the series. Bravo producers: are you listening?

Person who deserves a punch in the face: Phaedra. Give her the boot and bring back baby-makin Lisa.

Biggest Hot Mess: Kim for sure. The wig line. The anonymous rich sugar daddy. It’s just too much.

One I’m rooting for: Kandy. Good lawd. This girl just needs to catch a break!

Housewife I’m over: Sheree. Your clothing line sucks. You are SUPER high maintenance, and you seem like a royal pain in the @$$. That being said, I’d kill for those arms.

Rock Star Housewive? Nene Leaks! If you’re going to be crazy, at least own your insanity. I love everything about her. She’s brash, she’s aggressive, but at least you know where she stands.

Beverly Hills: quickly becoming one of my favorite casts!

Punch in the face: CAMILLE. She’s straight off the crazy train. She actually could be somehow related to NYC’s Ramona with those crazy-eyes and bi-polar tendencies.

One I’m rooting for: Taylor has me a bit on the fence. I love her commitment to activism, but I don’t understand her relationship or priorities. It’s clear she’s struggling, but with her heart of gold I hope she can find some peace!

Housewife who should sure her plastic surgeon: Adrienne I love you but holy moly. You are just 2 steps away from looking like this lady. 


Even worse? I’m pretty sure her husband is responsible for some of those operations. No good. 

Rock Star Housewife: Lisa! She’s legit. Her restaurants, her ridiculous dog/husband (often confused with one another I’m sure), and her smokin’ hot pool boy Cedric. (Too bad he’s probably not interested in most of the female race, but he’s still great to look at) LOVE her and love her british accent. **Kyle is a close 2nd for me here. Love her confidence and loyalty. (Also don’t mind her husband who often walks around sans-shirt)

The originals: Orange County

Punch in the Face: Gretchen. Her and Slade? NASTY. Her Anna-Nicole style relationship with a man on his deathbed? A bit sketchy.

Biggest Hot Mess: Tamara. She lost her mind last season. I understand her divorce was real rough, but the multiple displays of public ridiculousness earn her this award.

One I’m rooting for: Please let Lauri find some peace. She loves her family, she’s found a good man to share her life with, and she had the good sense to leave the show when it became too much. Now if she could somehow get back her pre-surgery looks I’m sure I’d like her even more.

Housewife who needs Dr. Drew: Lynn. Go to therapy! You are clearly under the influence of something that is not legal.

Rock Star Housewife: Honestly? Vicki is straight off an advertisment for all sorts of perscription drugs. She needs some uppers, some downers, and some ritalin. That being said; I love that she works her butt off and is always insane. Consistency is good in this world!

New York City

Punch in the Face: Kelly. Go away. You have CRAZY selective memory, and honestly seem WAY off your rocker. 

Biggest 180: I don’t know if it was the Bethenny break-up or what, but Jill really went off the deep end last year. She was crazy defensive, but also pretty harsh. Hopefully next season she’ll go back to her usual witty self. 

One I’m rooting for: I have to admit that LuAnn is just as wonky as the next person, but she’s one of the only ones I think I could stand in real life. Even if her single sounds more like RuPaul than the Countess….

Housewife who needs Supernanny: Alex. Jill is right. Your kids are a smidge insane. And your husband? Don’t even get me started.

Rock Star Housewife: Bethany! There’s a reason she got her own show people. She’s the only one who works for a living, and I typically agree with 94% of the things coming out of her mouth. 


 You were so lame I fell asleep just searching for a picture of your cast. You don’t even deserve this post. Sorry bout it…..

New Jersey: Oh how I love thee.

Punch in the Face: Do I even need to say it? Danielle is NUTS. She’s literally got to be clinically insane. The things she shares with her kids, her freaky “bodyguard” Danny, and her slightly sketchy past? All crazy. 

One I’m embarrassed to love: Theresa is nuts. There’s no way around it. But holy cow is she a pit-bull. And when she speaks Italian? Awesome. This is how I imagine J-Woww from Jersey Shore to be in 10 years. She’s old school and I love it. 

Housewife I’m pulling for: Jacqueline hopefully has some good things going for her. The daughter is a royal pain, but Jacqueline is one of the only slightly normal ones it seems!

Rock Star Housewife: Caroline does no wrong in my book. She’s the mama-bear you don’t want to piss off, and I dig it. 

What cities are left? Here would be my picks for upcoming seasons.

– Dallas: Give me some southern belles, rodeo queens, and cowboy wives. I’m SURE they’d be good.

– Miami: Bring on some sizzling latinos with some sass. Guaranteed drama here. 

– Vegas: I have to admit this was my husbands suggestion but he’s right on. Lots of money, lots of clubs, and LOTS of former strippers. Would be a sure hit. 

This might be the longest post I’ve ever written. Embarrassing. 

Or awesome……


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Let me tell you what makes my day. Getting home at 9pm tonight and realizing that my husband had dvr’d the Country Music Association awards that were on! He clearly understands my love for award shows/country music. Happy wife = happy husband. Everybody wins.

I saw that for the biliionth year in a row, Carrie Underwood was hosting with Brad Paisley. It got me thinking about little Miss Carrie…..and how I’m often towards in my feelings for her. She’s right up there with movies on Lifetime, music by Hanson, and the Spice Girls. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.

Remember this Carrie?


In her American Idol days, I loved her. I wanted a country star to win and thought she was amazing each week.

Here’s the thing. Carrie seems like that prom queen that’s just too squeaky-clean/good to be true. It’s like when Quinn got pregnant on Glee. I loved it because it made her real. Isn’t it awful that you might not like an artist because she’s too good to be true? Are we going to see her pull a Lohan and check herself in someday?

I sure hope not.

My vote?

What do you all think?

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Yup; you read that correctly. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and her baby-daddy Levi are tying the knot! Click here for the story from perez hilton.

Hmm…..Interesting turn of events! I’m sure he’s tamed his wild ways including posing for playgirl and I bet he’s stopped giving outlandish interviews that throw her family under the bus.

The cover above says they’re revealing their secret engagment, and supposedly talks about why they hid it for so long. I smell one thing from this one (besides rotten Alaskan salmon)…………a future reality TV show is probably in the works. Why else would they spring this on us? I’m thinking they’re going to ride the wave of Nick and Jessica, Jon & Kate, and Kendra and Hank.

We’ll have to wait and see on this one; maybe they’ll prove me wrong and create a fantastic family together. I sure hope so for their son’s sake! Thanks to my girlfriend Jenny (always the queen of celeb gossip) for forwarding this info my way!!!

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Reality Remix

In all my recent reality TV viewing, I figured it was time for a little brain-dump. I’ve got all these thoughts/judgements running through my head, and isn’t that the reason people blog? To share it with the world! I’ve got some thoughts on lots of recent episodes so here’s the spot for them all!

Real Housewives of NYC
Holy cow snobby. First off, when did Bethenny become such an elitist snob?

My husband has watched the show maybe twice in his life and even he said, “That girl is always running her mouth about someone”. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a major slam against another housewife. Some I might add are a bit below the belt. For example, she tells Jill to “get a hobby” when Jill actually runs a business in NYC and is one of the more normal housewives I’ve seen. She also has been extremely rude about LuAnn’s divorce; an area in my opinion which is off-limits. Bethenny? Stick with making the skinny-girl margaritas and quit going on such a rampage with your castmates. You’ll thank me when the reunion happens and you don’t get bitch-slapped by the other housewives.

And Ramona?

She’s all about “turning over a new leaf” and surrounding herself with better people, yet she’s the first one to throw everyone under the bus. These women are INSANE! It’s frustrating because the concept of the show is so entertaining; women with tons of money, some with sweet jobs, living in one of the best cities in America. Yet every-single episode focuses on the internal drama between the women. I’ll admit it’s part of the reason I’m so addicted, but I’d also love to see these girls rise above and class it up a bit.

They’re still on my DVR for now, but I reserve the right to remove you if the annoying nonsense doesn’t stop. When is Atlanta coming back? Bring on NeNe!!!!

Dancing with the Stars
This one will be fairly simple. I only have a few comments.

Kate Gosselin; oh my goodness I worry about you. First off, RELAX. On your show you are the most tightly wound individual I’ve ever seen. (Although who can judge a woman that handles 8 kids, her galavanting husband, his mistress, and an entire TV crew. Nevermind Kate, you be as turbo as you need to be!) I honestly wanted to see Kate to do well. I thought it might be a cool moment for her to show her fun personality. Instead she is too robotic and has zero personality. I’m dying to see a little booty shakin, hair flipping, shimmying out of Ms. Gosselin.

Pamela Anderson = Hot Mess
Seriously? Talk about being type-cast but come on. This girl OOZES sex appeal, but honestly? I’m over it. At this point in your life I have some advice. Cut off the stripper hair and how about a cute mid-length number? I’m not saying to a mom-bob or anything but come on; you’re not on Baywatch anymore.

Her facials throughout her entire routine are eeriliy similar to those you would see on some other type of film (ie; the kind kept in the back of the video store behind the long black curtain). A smile or too is just fine; we don’t need to see your porn-star expressions throughout an entire waltz. Here are some things that are inappropriate for a 43 year old women to wear:
– Body Glitter
– High heels that are clear/made of plastic
– Cartilidge, Nose or Belly-button piercings
– Tube Tops

I understand that she’s a contestant on a dance show, therefore has to be in certain outfits. However when it’s a Saturday morning and she’s not dancing? She still channels “Stripperella” a little too much.

I’m all about “The Biggest Loser” but honestly have nothing but fantastic things to say about that show. They will not be on my diss-list anytime soon. Any big shows that I’ve missed lately? What are your favorites?

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Mariah Carey = Hot Mess

Holy cow; did anyone see Mariah accept her award on the People’s Choice Awards tonight? It was right at the beginning of the show. If you didn’t; let me give you the play-by-play.

1. It’s announced that Mariah wins favorite female vocalist (or something along those lines)
2. She stands up to walk up to the stage, and TAKES FOREVER to walk. She can barely walk and her hubby Nick Cannon is literally holding her up straight. She looks crippled or like she has a broken leg or something.
3. She proceeds to take 10 minutes to walk up to the stage, and Nick goes upstage with her. Then it gets worse; she starts talking.
4. She literally sounds completely drugged up. Also, the entire right side of her face isn’t moving. She apologizes for her dress, saying it’s a disaster. (Thank you designer for letting me wear this spendy gown for free. I’m going to trash you in my acceptance speech. You’re welcome)
5. She rambles on and on, and even says something inappropriate about her and Nick’s sex life. GROSS.

I just have a few words for Mariah.

A. You are too old to be wearing the nonsense that you wear. Class it up sally.
B. Go away. How about using those pipes for something productive, and try putting out an album that is comprised of something other than you’re sweaty, heavy breathing.

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