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I’ve attended a plethora of family events this summer, and have been just amazed at some of the questions I get. It seems to never end. A few years ago it was, “when are you guys going to get married”. Now that we’re finally married? It’s “when are you guys going to have kids?” It makes me nuts.

I came across an awesome article from Ashley, who writes a cute blog with etiquette tips. She wrote this great piece called “5 Questions you should Never Ask”. I encourage you to jump over and read the full article, but here are the 5 questions just in case you can’t get to it.

1. When are you getting a job?
2. When exactly are you going to tie the knot?
3. When are you going to have a baby?
4. How much was your house?
5. Why isn’t your child walking?

The baby one is really my pet peeve. What if you were having trouble conceiving? What if you had been trying for months, and every time someone asked you; you want to burst into tears?

Knowing people who HAVE recently had children, I know that it makes them feel like their under a microscope when people ask tons of questions about how they raise their kids. “Why aren’t you breast-feeding?” “Why aren’t you staying at home?” WHO CARES! Maybe she can’t breast-feed anymore. Maybe they need two incomes to support their family.

I know it’s not the intent of people who ask these questions to cause anyone discomfort. Unfortunately though; it’s often the unintended side-effect that causes the most damage. Just a little PSA for anyone who’s getting these same questions. Hopefully it will soon pass, and just hold your head high!

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I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We’re like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee; sometimes on……….sometimes off. In the past few years I’ve gotten sick of Facebook’s changing ways, and have left it. Then Facebook comes around again a few months later, wooing me with cute pictures of my friend’s kids, funny status updates from my little brother, and invitations to events. Then after a few months of what seems to be happiness, Facebook strikes again. Earlier this week I had one of those moments. Here is a snapshot of a status update that started it all.

“watching Dr. Phil and extremely irritated! Men are so unappreciative and naive. If you honestly believe being a woman and mother is easy you need a serious reality check! If it wasn’t for women then you would actually have to do stuff for yourselves. Heaven forbid you have to get off your asses and do your own laundry or cook. Must be rough being a man. Please.”

This is the update of someone I went to high school with. You know, one of those people that I accepted their facebook friendship solely so I could stalk them through the privacy of my own home (don’t judge, I have 100 more “friends” just like this). Now reading the above statement you might say, no big deal; I see stuff like this all the time. Here is where I have a problem.

1. She is married, and her husband is also on Facebook. If he were reading this, how could he not possibly be offended? Sounds like a nice little passive-aggressive jab at her husband. Awesome.
2. What makes it better, is that 16 more crazy women had to comment on this girl’s status; unloading their marital issues for all the world to see. Here is just a snap-shot of some of the classiness. One girl writes:

“…he hasn’t always been that way though it’s taken alot of work and comunicating and compromise over 10 years to get where were at…oh and him quitting drinking helped our marriage too…”

Really? Do you think you’re husband would appreciate you commenting on his drinking habits via your facebook status?

I understand that everyone needs a place to vent. But it is unacceptable to vent about your relationship through social media. How would you feel if you’re friends checked your husbands facebook and it was full of nasty comments about you? Unacceptable.

I will not ever understand why some people try to bond in misery by bitching about their spouses. What happened to loving and respecting your partner? I would never throw my husband under the bus; especially not in front of our friends/family/or complete strangers. There is a difference between playful joking and straight-up rudeness. Hostility, jealousy and cattiness do not make a marriage.

I’m not saying mine is perfect, but you sure as heck won’t see me publishing my dirty laundry to the masses via my status update. Class it up kids.

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Reality Remix

In all my recent reality TV viewing, I figured it was time for a little brain-dump. I’ve got all these thoughts/judgements running through my head, and isn’t that the reason people blog? To share it with the world! I’ve got some thoughts on lots of recent episodes so here’s the spot for them all!

Real Housewives of NYC
Holy cow snobby. First off, when did Bethenny become such an elitist snob?

My husband has watched the show maybe twice in his life and even he said, “That girl is always running her mouth about someone”. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a major slam against another housewife. Some I might add are a bit below the belt. For example, she tells Jill to “get a hobby” when Jill actually runs a business in NYC and is one of the more normal housewives I’ve seen. She also has been extremely rude about LuAnn’s divorce; an area in my opinion which is off-limits. Bethenny? Stick with making the skinny-girl margaritas and quit going on such a rampage with your castmates. You’ll thank me when the reunion happens and you don’t get bitch-slapped by the other housewives.

And Ramona?

She’s all about “turning over a new leaf” and surrounding herself with better people, yet she’s the first one to throw everyone under the bus. These women are INSANE! It’s frustrating because the concept of the show is so entertaining; women with tons of money, some with sweet jobs, living in one of the best cities in America. Yet every-single episode focuses on the internal drama between the women. I’ll admit it’s part of the reason I’m so addicted, but I’d also love to see these girls rise above and class it up a bit.

They’re still on my DVR for now, but I reserve the right to remove you if the annoying nonsense doesn’t stop. When is Atlanta coming back? Bring on NeNe!!!!

Dancing with the Stars
This one will be fairly simple. I only have a few comments.

Kate Gosselin; oh my goodness I worry about you. First off, RELAX. On your show you are the most tightly wound individual I’ve ever seen. (Although who can judge a woman that handles 8 kids, her galavanting husband, his mistress, and an entire TV crew. Nevermind Kate, you be as turbo as you need to be!) I honestly wanted to see Kate to do well. I thought it might be a cool moment for her to show her fun personality. Instead she is too robotic and has zero personality. I’m dying to see a little booty shakin, hair flipping, shimmying out of Ms. Gosselin.

Pamela Anderson = Hot Mess
Seriously? Talk about being type-cast but come on. This girl OOZES sex appeal, but honestly? I’m over it. At this point in your life I have some advice. Cut off the stripper hair and how about a cute mid-length number? I’m not saying to a mom-bob or anything but come on; you’re not on Baywatch anymore.

Her facials throughout her entire routine are eeriliy similar to those you would see on some other type of film (ie; the kind kept in the back of the video store behind the long black curtain). A smile or too is just fine; we don’t need to see your porn-star expressions throughout an entire waltz. Here are some things that are inappropriate for a 43 year old women to wear:
– Body Glitter
– High heels that are clear/made of plastic
– Cartilidge, Nose or Belly-button piercings
– Tube Tops

I understand that she’s a contestant on a dance show, therefore has to be in certain outfits. However when it’s a Saturday morning and she’s not dancing? She still channels “Stripperella” a little too much.

I’m all about “The Biggest Loser” but honestly have nothing but fantastic things to say about that show. They will not be on my diss-list anytime soon. Any big shows that I’ve missed lately? What are your favorites?

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This week I ventured out to see the new film Shutter Island. AMAZING movie. Craziest, most creative story-line I’ve seen in awhile. Here’s the summary from IMDB.com

“It’s 1954, and up-and-coming U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Boston’s Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital. He’s been pushing for an assignment on the island for personal reasons, but before long he wonders whether he hasn’t been brought there as part of a twisted plot by hospital doctors whose radical treatments range from unethical to illegal to downright sinister. Teddy’s shrewd investigating skills soon provide a promising lead, but the hospital refuses him access to records he suspects would break the case wide open. As a hurricane cuts off communication with the mainland, more dangerous criminals “escape” in the confusion, and the puzzling, improbable clues multiply, Teddy begins to doubt everything – his memory, his partner, even his own sanity.”

The storyline is absolutely amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio is a great and really shows how great of an actor he is.  Michelle Williams makes a few small appearances as his wife and her role is really interesting. She doesn’t have much actual screen time but when she does appear pay attention. Her character and relationship with Leonardo is a little confusing at first but throughout the movie you start to understand their relationship a bit more. Mark Ruffalo is also great; especially since I’m used to seeing him in cheesy romantic comedies. Makes me think he could have some definite potential in drama.

There’s actually nothing about this movie that I didn’t love. There were no slow parts, every character was fascinating, and you never knew the direction the movie might go. The ending is amazing, and is one where you feel like you need to see the movie again just to see if you ever could have predicted how it would wrap up.

If you liked The Departed, or The Sixth Sense, you will like this movie. It’s dark and edgy, but has an intense mystery woven through the whole film. The ending definitely throws you for a loop, but not to the point that it’s ridiculous or unbelievable (anyone remember Signs with Mel Gibson? None of that)

Check it out! My recommendation is Leonardo will finally get his Oscar win with this guy!

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Confessions of a Cougar

My name is Jessi, and it’s been a week since my last blog. Also? A confession. I am a self-diagnosed cougar. Not this pretty little wild animal you see below:

Instead, I liken myself to this other, more rare species:

That’s right. Now you’re putting it together.  The confusing part? My hubby has a few years on me. Yet everytime some smokin’ new teenager comes onto the Hollywood scene, the addiction strikes. I have to download their songs, see their movies, and be haunted by my secret obsession with tween pop stars. 
Now from my analysis of addiction (obviously coming from the incredibly reliable source of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Intervention) I realize that as an innocent blog-reader you may have trouble understanding this problem. However, as you scroll down I’ve provided you some visuals of my drug. Proceed with caution:

Addiction 1: Justin Bieber
Best songs I’ve recently downloaded: “Baby” and “One Time”. So great. Sings about love after school and taking chicks to dances. Who doesn’t love that?

Addiction #2: Zac Efron (obviously there were other pictures but this was too perfect)
Hairspray, High School Musical, I love them all. He sings, He dances, he has a six-pack. Done

Addiction #3: Jesse McCartney
“Body Language” is a recent song; and it’s fantastic. Cheesy ridiculous, but great all the same.

Now understand that other than Zac Efron, it’s not the physical attraction here. It’s the fact that they release ridiculous music that I rock out to in the car. Is there any cure for this disease? I don’t think so; not with the rise of guarantee of 2 more Twilight books and the fact that Justin and Jesse still have a few years before their legal.

Don’t judge, but I saved the best for last.

Team Jacob all the way
(For those who are curious, google “Taylor Lautner shirt off” to find your own completely inappropriate cougar-esque images)
You’re welcome

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Interview Advice

Today I spent the day at my alma matter; helping with on-campus interviews for my company’s summer internship. I saw some great candidates come through, and it was a cool experience to be on the hiring side of things! A few of you really appreciated the “What not to Wear: Office Edition” a few weeks ago, so I thought this would be good timing for some of my advice. Here you go! The Real Housewife’s Interview Advice!

1. Fake it till you make it
Be confident! If the thought of interviewing makes you want to die; PRACTICE! I practice for interviews all the time. I make my husband ask questions, he laughs at my answers, and then I get promotions say “what’s up now hubs”. Even if it means you practice sharing your experiences, just saying things out loud is very helpful. A girl today said, I worry that since I’ve never had a full-time job I won’t have enough job experience. I asked her a few questions and found out she’d babysat for many different families, she’d helped plan fundraisers for her church, and she’d worked in multiple group projects throughout school. She realized that she had TONS of examples of working with others, planning events, organizing resources and getting things done. I don’t care if you got your leadership experience from a sweet internship or from bossing your 10 siblings around. It’s all how you tell me about it!

2. Class it up!
Don’t come to the interview looking sloppy. This might go without saying, but you’d be shocked. Have someone else look at you before you leave. If you’re so nervous you’re sweating through your shirt? Stick some kleenex in your armpits and hope to god you’re blouse doesn’t show. Or better yet? Wear a jacket over that sweaty blouse so noone can even notice! (Clearly I’m passionate about the sweat issue huh?)

Also, don’t tell the interviewer that you’ve received feedback on your “lack of professionalism”. Ummmmm red flag. If I can’t trust that you’ll not be a hot mess at work? You’re the last person I’m going to hire.

3. Do your research
Today I was so impressed because a few of the candidates asked great questions about some recent news from our company. Clearly they had spent a little time online and found out what would be a big focus of ours in the next few months. This stands out so much more than “So why do you like your company?” or “What do you look for in an ideal candidate….” It shows you’re passionate about the position and eager to learn. Plus, it gets the interviewer talking. This is a great time for you to see if you like the direction the company is going!

4. Follow-Up
After the interview, send a quick thank you note to whoever you met with. I received 2 today and they were vastly different. One thanked me for being “really friendly” and making them less nervous. The other thanked me for my time, mentioned something great they learned about the company from our interview, and also mentioned how they are confident they’d be a good fit. Can you guess which thank you I was more impressed by? I mean I like being told I’m friendly, but the #2 had a little more substance behind it. Impressive in my book.

On another note, my friend Kristin is opening up her own coffee shop here in Minneapolis in a few weeks. She’s currently going through interviews to assemble her staff and has some pretty funny insight to share. Jump over to her blog to see her thoughts! And if you’re in the Minneapolis area? Plan on stopping by “Coffee Buzz” in March after they’re open!

For those of you hungry for more Africa stories? Click here to see my memories from this exact time last year. In celebration of it being one year since my awesome time there I’m reposting all the cool experiences. Enjoy!

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