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So what if….

Here’s hoping that since this is my blog, were living in a judgement free zone here. Hoping to give everyone a little dose of reality, and a peak into this chick’s life.

So what if……..
– Dinner tasted so bad last night that we tossed it in the garbage and had cereal and corn for dinner. As in, chicken not properly thawed, then not cooked long enough. Still clucking on the plate. Holy nasty. If my husband shows up dead of salmonella poisoning, it wasn’t on purpose.
– I’ve been driving around town since January with this taking up my entire back seat:

That’s a Christmas tree folks. I got it for 75% off after the holidays and haven’t had the motivation to move it downstairs. Classy.
– These have taken over our pantry:

Yes, it’s almost 20 boxes. Again; judgement free zone here.

Just livin the dream here folks, livin the dream.

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Gallbladder Schmallbladder

Well; I had a pretty gross week. Tuesday after work I came home and hopped on the treadmill for a nice run. I was tuned into The Biggest Loser at the same time so I was feeling pretty good. What can I say? Jillian does that to me sometimes. After my run I headed upstairs and wasn’t feeling great. I had the chills and was constantly checking the thermostat because I thought our heat was off!

I took a nice long shower and was surprised at how fatigued I was feeling. My muscles were sore and I was exhausted. I headed to bed at 9pm (early for me) and figured it would just be a nice early night.

2 hours later I woke up in tons of pain. My stomach was in knots and my back felt like Ruben Studdard was standing on top of it; jumping up and down. I was in a huge amount of pain. I also was having a really tough time breathing, which only added to the discomfort. I finally was able to throw up (which I thought was going to be a good thing) but it only made it worse. The hubster was watching in amazement as I was turning into a huge mess, and decided we should probably go into the ER. (Good call looking back Mr. A)

Luckily we have a fabulous new hospital just up the highway, and 10 minutes later I was whisked into the ER. After I impressed them with my amazing hurling skills, they wheeled me in for an ultrasound and found the nastiest looking gall-bladder they’ve seen in a while. Note to self: projectile vomiting tends to decrease your wait-time tremendously.

I had a nasty case of “Cholecystitis” or a gall-bladder attack. I’m fascinated by this stuff so here’s a (g-rated) visual for anyone who’s gross like me:

I didn’t have a gall-stone like this showed, but there was a big obstruction from my bile ducts (whatever the heck that means). So they just snipped that little gallbladder right out and I was on my way. I had emergency surgery Wednesday AM and finally came home today. My momma drove 3 hours to stay with me and I’m currently catching up on Jerseylicious and all the housewives. Don’t worry, I’ll update more soon!

I’m really sorry about the Coach confusion too; I hope the email/password worked for some of you! I was updating the links on my phone from my hospital bed so it wasn’t the smoothest operation in the world. I hope some of you got some sweet deals out of it! If not, I have a gallbladder I can send you in the mail to make up for it. You’re welcome 🙂

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Summer Goals: How’d I do?

So it’s already into October, and I realized I never recapped on my summer goals! In May I outlined a few things I wanted to accomplish this summer, and shockingly I did pretty well!

– Landscape front yard. 

– Build mudroom lockers. 
STATUS: Didn’t finish this; or even come close honestly! I’d love to do it this fall still. We’ll see how it goes!– Finish decorating my craft room/office. 
STATUS: DONE! Finished up the girliest room this side of the Mississippi. 

Did I purchase an obnoxiously bright day-bed? Yes. Did I convince my husband to go with the chandelier? Yes. Do I LOVE sewing in there and spending hours each weekend to myself? Yes. All worth it 🙂– Finish decorating/organizing hubby’s office. 
STATUS: Haven’t done this at all. He actually isn’t working from home as much as he originally planned so this is kind of on the back-burner. Maybe this winter I’ll work on some more pieces but he doesn’t mind, so I’m not pressing the issue. Better winter project anyway. 
– Run an average of 10 miles a week. 

STATUS: I am KICKING @$$ on this! I only have 50 more miles to go until I hit 400 miles for the year. I finished my third half marathon earlier this month and did awesome all summer. The training really helped me have a goal to work towards. I averaged 10.1 miles/week from Memorial Day to Labor Day and am still plugging away!– Maintain my goal weight. 
STATUS: Done! It was a good summer and I’m right where I should be. Discipline pays off here.
– Finish at least 2 sewing projects. 

STATUS: Done! I finished those laundry room curtains, and also did a cute apron for my girlfriend’s wedding. – Take classes for my new DSLR! 
STATUS: Done! Leah and I went for classes and although I did pay attention, I’m not venturing too past manual. I need to make it a priority to get more comfortable with the awesome new camera!– Record a 9-hole round of golf in the 40s. Honestly? I only golfed a handful of times this summer. I don’t think I did a round in the 40s but I can’t remember. Oh well, we’ll work on that next year!

I would take a stab at “fall goals” but we’re already almost to winter! It’s nice to check-in and hold myself accountable for what I set my mind to. Looking back it’s been an awesome way to spend a summer! 

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Why I love our Neighbors

Growing up; I spent all day running around with the other kids in the neighborhood. My parents best friends to this day started out as just another family down the street. They had children that were the same age and have since raised their kids together, gone on vacation, renovated homes, and gone to church together. There was an amazing sense of security when you knew that everyone in the neighborhood was looking out for one another. If a dog was lost? Your neighbor probably had found it. Kids locked out of the house by mistake after school? Don’t worry, the neighbors next door will invite them over for cookies.

When we built our home in a new construction development; we took a big risk on the neighborhood. We had no idea what type of families would move in, and there wasn’t an existing “culture” or “personality” that we were walking into. After the first year of living here, I can honestly say I love our neighborhood. This week alone a few random things have really made me stop and think about how blessed we are.

(Standing in what’s now our kitchen; just one year ago!)

– Sunday afternoon the neighbor boy came over selling holiday wreaths and popcorn for the boy scouts. He is 6 and LOVES to visit with us. When he knocked on the door he told me he had been looking out his window for my car to drive by all week! He told me he thought we should get the wreath with the green bow because it would match our green house. SO CUTE!

– Tonight I got a call from our next door neighbors. He told me that he spent the day cutting up one of the dead trees that had fallen down behind our two lots. He remembered once this summer that my husband had mentioned eventually wanting a fire-pit, so he saved all the wood for us! First of all; he didn’t need to cut up the massive dead tree that had fallen across both our lots. Secondly, he thought of us to give us the chopped up firewood. So unnecessary but so kind.

(the view from my deck yesterday morning……Autumn in MN……beautiful)

– Late last week the other next door neighbors emailed. They had arranged for someone to come and take care of the seasonal maintenance of all the sprinklers for anyone who is interested. 4 houses all signed up; and we are now getting it done at almost half off because the crew only has to come to the neighborhood once. Such a great thought; and amazing savings for us!

All these amazing things in the last week alone. Makes me realize; your home, your neighborhood……they are what YOU want them to be. We started one year ago with a blank slate. Since the beginning; we’ve literally “laid the foundation” of what our neighborhood will be. I’m excited that this neighborhood jumped out at us; and even more excited that hubs and I are a now contributing to the fun, supportive group of people who all happen to live on the same street.

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Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was filled with lots of activities. Last Thursday we celebrated hubs birthday with a nice little evening together. I’m still very much a novice in the cake-baking department, but I managed to whip up a nice little cake for my man. He has a thing for white cake so the boxed versions work real well for us. He also digs these little candies so I try to grab them each year.

He was EXTREMELY happy with the cake, and I felt ridiculously domestic for a good 30 minutes or so. Then he got a few presents (a DIY/Home Improvement book, a new golf shirt, and a hammock for our new back-yard) that he was pretty excited about. I’m a big nerd and I make him pose with each present after he opens it. He’s used to it after this long but I still love our dorky birthday traditions!

Saturday we had a wedding for a good high school friend of mine. The colors were a deep teal and accents of bright green. It was surprising, but a really cool combo. I am a huge nerd and took ZERO pictures the whole time, but I did rock this little number from Ann Taylor LOFT and felt pretty foxy (bummer it’s such a blurry pic, but I promise it was good stuff).
Sunday we were able to go to a Twins game with my family. It was my nephew’s first game and honestly; he wasn’t too interested. I must say the ballpark was pretty child-friendly, but three yr. olds are a hard bunch to keep entertained. His schedule was all off but he finally dozed off in the 7th inning. Here’s my fave pic of the day, my nephew snuggling with his awesome uncle (my hubs).
They love each other. It’s sick. And by sick I mean adorable. 
This week hubs is out of town for a few days, so I expect lots of posting to come your way. Have a great week!

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Maybe I could…….

Last night I had the greatest experience ever. I babysat two little girls whose parents are good friends of ours. Hubs and I have always joked that we need to raise all little boys. He is a huge DUDE, and I’m pretty non-feminine sometimes myself. I also was raised with two brothers, and LOVED being the only girl. I have to say I loved that arrangement growing up (not that anyone could have planned it :o)

These two little girls were AWESOME. They were so fun! I really didn’t know what to expect, but the night was so much fun. We made up songs, I braided their hair, we went to the park and danced, played games, jumped on the trampoline, had a twirling contest………oh the insanity. A few great conversations with a 7-yr old about whether or not I’m a grown up. It went something like this:
Avery: “Are you in your 20s?”
me: “Yup!”
Avery: “But you’re still a babysitter?”
me: “Sure! You’re never too old to babysit. Do you think I’m a grown-up?”
Avery: “I’m not really sure. Lots of grown-ups don’t play on the trampoline with us”
So great. Best compliment I’ve gotten all day. Anyone need a babysitter? I’m pretty good. I realized I could totally manage little girls. They are imaginative, kind, energetic, and honestly? Not so different from all my nephews. Seems like they all just want a little love. And this girl has lots to share.

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Summer Goals

With Memorial Day passing us by, it’s officially summer here in Minnesota. Summer brings lots of fun, but with that I also have lots of goals for myself and the hubster. It’s our first summer in the new house, so there are many projects that I’m hoping to tackle. They say if you write your goals down you have a better chance of achieving them. Here’s hoping I can tackle some of these!

– Landscape front yard. Hubs and I already have plans to get some library books and begin learning the basics of landscaping. It’s currently a nice, blank canvas but that sometimes is overwhelming!
– Build mudroom lockers. Hubby and I really want to get mudroom lockers for our entryway. The cost to get them done custom is a few thousand dollars and there’s no way I’m paying that. Knock Off Wood has awesome plans for DIYers, and I’m thinking I’m ready to tackle it! (Might need to wait for a weekend my mom is in town though; she digs that stuff!)
– Finish decorating my craft room/office. Since hubs is using the main office, I need to combine my craft room/office to be more efficient.
– Finish decorating/organizing hubby’s office. Now that he’s working from home we need to make better use of this space.

– Run an average of 10 miles a week. I’m doing pretty good on this; especially since the weather has gotten nicer! That home gym has also been coming in VERY handy!
– Maintain my goal weight. I’ve been at my goal weight for well over a year, but it’s always something I have to work towards. Summer can be tough because I have a slight love affair with daiquiris, smores, and cheeseburgers.

– Finish at least 2 sewing projects. I’m thinking curtains for the laundry room and then I’ll work on something else too……I’ve got lots of babies coming soon so a baby snuggie might be in the works!
– Take classes for my new DSLR! I’ve already signed up for an introductory class through National Camera Exchange on 6/21. I’m going with 2 girlfriends and am really excited to get out of automatic mode!
– Record a 9-hole round of golf in the 40s. I hang out in the 50s right now but easily could shave off a few strokes if I worked on chipping/putting a bit more. I need to get out on the course more often to make this a reality!

I can’t think of any other ones, but these seem very realistic. Any summer goals you are trying to tackle?

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