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Birthday Love

Today I turned another year older. It was one of the better birthdays in recent memory. As each year passes, I find myself loving birthdays for a very different reason. Here are a few things that made my day awesome.

Birthday cards from both of my grandmas. Both had notes about praying for me and taking time for myself. Such cool messages to hear from the women I love so much.

Got to play in a volleyball tournament all day Saturday with some awesome ladies. One of them is the sweetest girl in the world. She texted my husband earlier in the week to find out my favorite type of cake and spent Friday night baking it just for me!

Angelfood cake and strawberry frosting. My absolute fav.

She brought it to the tournament and the team dug into the cake. Love that she spent her Friday night googling “how to bake an angel-food cake” and almost burning her house down just to surprise me. They don’t make them much more genuine than this girl and I love it.

Spent today with a cup of coffee, and this lovely gift from the hubster.

The Nook color from Barnes & Noble! We had gone to look at them earlier in the week but I wasn’t sure he would go for it since he was thinkin’ an iPad might be a nice addition. I already started Water for Elephants and am pumped to use this bad boy on the bus each morning! Kim; are you ready for a nook sharing buddy? I’m all over it!

Mr Housewife didn’t stop there. Today we spent a few hours going through some of the amazing new homes on the “Parade of Homes” tour.

Got a few ideas for the laundry room that we can possibly tackle this summer. Looking at houses isn’t his favorite thing to do, but it’s definitley mine. He sacrificed his afternoon of golf viewing to check the houses out, and even got excited about a few projects we might tackle. Love.

But the best part? He spent the evening making me one of my favorite things.

My man can make a mean french toast. That’s how we roll on Sunday nights. HEAVEN.

Love love love this birthday.

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I am the world’s most annoying person when it comes to managing my time. Weeknight’s are the worst based on my often crazy work schedule. We have pretty set lines of responsibility in our household. I do most of the cooking and the dude in my life does most of the cleaning. Typically it’s a fab arrangement that I’m completely ok with. However,  tonight was a big aha moment in our household. We realized weeknights are TOUGH to squeeze everything in!

Our normal weekly routine goes something like this.

  • 6-6:30pm: I leave work
  • 6:30-7pm: I finally make it home and start on dinner
  • 7-8ish: work on dinner, catch up with Mr. Housewife, and eat together.
  • After 8: catch up on TV, work emails, etc. Maybe squeeze a work-out in.

Then there’s nights like tonight. I roll in around 7 and finally start dinner. I scrape through our pantry and wonder if I can make a meal out of pancake mix, fruit snacks, and captain crunch. Finally realize I have enough for a normal meal and start working on dinner at 8pm. We FINALLY wrap up dinner around 9 and I’m spent. No running. No chatting. Just stressed out night on top of a stressed out work-day. Not getting a work-out in makes me feel like crap, then I grab fast-food which is even crappier, and then you’ve got a pretty crap-tastic little housewife. Not good.

The hubster and I have decided that since it’s Lent and all, we may as well use this as our excuse to try and change some of our behavior.

His goal? He’s going to be in charge of dinner once a week. Some of you may laugh and say that’s ridiculous, but for us? It’s a change of routine that will really help me out. That night I can leave 30 minutes later if I need to, or maybe run a quick errand on the way home. We’re also going to try and plan out some meals before grocery shopping so that we avoid the captain crunch, fruit snack, pancake mix scenario I mentioned above. This is also a pretty big ask for someone who would eat out everyday if he could. This will be a BIG help if it happens.

Mine? I am going to TRY and become a morning worker-outer. My goal is twice during the work-week. Even if I just did Tuesdays & Thursdays it would make a huge difference! Weekends I almost always squeeze a run in so I’m not worried about that. Right now I’m waking up around 6:45 every morning. Even if I got up at 6am I’d be able to fit in a pretty decent run those days. Plus maybe I’d actually be a little more relaxed in the morning; not running around like a disaster.

I have to say, Kelly was a big inspiration in this one! She goes to the gym most mornings and I would LOVE to have that out of the way. Then my evenings can be spent where they matter most; with the fam. (Sorry Kelly; I’m completely owning up to the blog-stalking that must’ve had to happen in order for me to know all this about you. Deal with it 🙂

Anyone else have any other tips? Help my sanity and feel free to share!

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A few weeks ago I cleaned out our ridiculous junk drawer. In doing that, I also found an exciting little treasure. A sim card from one of our old cameras. I should say first off that I’ve had some real bad luck with cameras.

I’ve lost at least 2 point and shoots since college, and also had my computer die in Africa with ALL my photos saved on it. That being said, I had assumed there was no digital copy of the photos from our honeymoon. Imagine my surprise when I saw that this sim card was FULL of our honeymoon pics! Mind you this was almost three years ago, but still….what a great find.

This made my day to look through all these. Enjoy!


An 8.5 hour flight goes by much quicker with in-flight cocktails!

Our awesome condo


Checking out the beach on day 1


Dolphins at Kaanapali Beach


At the Old Lahaina Luau

There are many more from my mom and dad’s nice camera. Now I just need to find those!

I’m working on another post with all the sweet things we did while we were there. Happy Saturday!

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We’re in the top 10!

One of our engagement pictures (from 2008!) got selected as a Top 10 entry in a “Cutest Valentine’s Couple” contest!

"Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as long as you live"

Since I’m for sure not below shameless self-promotion, I wanted to pass the voting info on to all of you. 

Click here to visit the website and vote. There’s some adorable pictures over there but of course we’d love to take the prize home 🙂 Anything to validate the cost of a wedding photographer right?

Wish us luck!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as long as you live

You make me laugh like this EVERY DAY.

You came with me to get groceries this weekend; just because you know I LOATHE doing it.

You helped motivate me to go for a run yesterday, and will attend every race I ever sign up to run.

You think I look real cute in this picture.

You’ve earned yourself 9 more Valentine’s Days.

Visit here to see some cute couples today!

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This week on Home Tour Tuesday it’s: Trim your Tree!

I love setting up our Christmas tree every year. It’s so fun to open up the ornaments each year, and add to our collection as well.
Here’s a shot of our tree (I think I showed it earlier this week). Here she is; small but mighty.


This little guy is about 4 years old now; and it’s nice and small. In our little condo it was awesome, but now that we’re in the big house I may look for an upgrade this year.  I LOVE the topper; it’s a great gold colored star that light’s up. Nice and pretty. Here’s one of my favorite ornaments:
We actually got this as a wedding gift and it was one of the coolest ideas! I was so excited to use it that first year, and I LOVE how the light reflects through the beautiful shaped glass.
The coolest part about having our own little family now (party of 2) is that we get to start our own traditions. One of my favorites is buying an ornament from every trip we take. There’s nothing worse than “souvenir-shopping” while being on vacation. I don’t want a magnet, or a keychain. Those will only add to my already disastrous junk drawer. This is a fun thing to look for while on vacation, and they’re typically not too expensive. Here are a few of my favorites that we added to the tree just this year:
From our trip to Arizona this spring.
From our Anniversary trip to Craguns Resort (the resort in northern MN where we got married).
From our AWESOME trip to Boston this summer. (a little blurry, but combining baseball with red glitter makes this ornament one of my favorites!)
Santa on an NYC cab from our trip this Spring. Can you tell I like when they’re real cheesy and represent something from the place? The hokier the better; and if Santa is involved? Done deal.
I’m not cool enough to have a color-coordinated tree. I love that our tree is also a scrapbook of our life!
Matching ornaments or a “theme” don’t really get me in the holiday mood.
Stop over at Thrifty Decor Chick’s Holiday Home Party to see more adorable trees!

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Happy Anniversary!

2 years ago today I got to marry this guy:
He went along with my crazy idea to have our wedding at a resort in Northern Minnesota. He smiled when I showed him my hot-pink shoes under my dress. 

He still makes me laugh like this pretty much every day.
That was just leading up to the wedding. In the years since then he’s supported me when I decided I wanted to go to Africa for a month, laughs when I’m super scatter-brained, and typically eats most anything I cook for him. He’s incredibly supportive and these two years have flown by! 
Marriage is awesome because I’m married to him
It rules. 
Happy Anniversary Honey!

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