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I love my friends. They’re all fun, they’re all crazy, and they  love nothing more than an excuse to get together for dinner or a night out. We cane up with a doozie of an idea recently and I thought I’d share; just in case any of you are looking for a fun girl’s night idea!

Starting in a week or so, my life will be college basketball.

The March Madness NCAA tourney is starting up, and I can kiss my tv goodbye. My husband’s obsessed, and all tvs will be on ESPN until the madness is over. I’ll watch a game or two, but I’m not going to be all turbo about it.

Sure I could spend hours on my bracket, looking up each team. Racking my brain trying to pick a few upsets here and there. Or…….I could change if up a bit for the ladies.

Could you care less about the games? Want an excuse to get the girls together? No basketball knowledge whatsoever is required for this game; actually the less you know, the more fun you’ll have! I introduce you to “Chicks Picks: a March Madness Girls Night”. Here are the details.

1. Invite all your friends over (or grab a few tables at a sports bar). Before they come over, have them set up accounts at cbssports.com. This website will do all the work for you, and will be way easier to manage.


2. Each girl draws a “topic” out of a hat. She must pick her entire bracket using that as a guideline. An example will help explain this part.

Example: I draw “mascots”. I must choose all winners based on who I think has a better mascot. My entire bracket will be filled out that way.

Let’s say Game 1 is University of North Carolina vs. the University of Minnesota. 

They’re the tarheels, but apparantley their mascot is a ram. Let’s be honest. That ram would crush a gopher. You’ve already made your first decision. You choose UNC as the winner. Continue to choose your entire bracket, each game that way. Look things up as you need to!

Other topic ideas include:

Hottness of Head Coach

Texas Tech coach Pat Knight. Smokin. (He's since been fired, but who cares!)

Cuteness of Cheerleader uniforms

A UCLA uniform example. ADORABLE.

Scariest Fans

The Duke "Cameron Crazies"

Remember, we don’t care about what seed they are, who has a tougher conference, or who has the deepest bench. We just care about getting everyone together!

3. As the tournament progresses, you will receive points for how many winners you chose correctly. (IE; if UNC actually beats Minnesota in the above example, you’d get points). Remember, if you have everyone fill out their bracket on the website above, it will do everything for you!

4. Decide on a prize. My friends and I are each chipping in $10 to the pot. The winner gets a VISA Gift Card that they can spend however they want! We talked about having a spa gift certificate but realized that straight-up cash would be better. Do whatever you want!

Now instead of being bored out of your mind the next few weeks, you’ll find yourself cheering on those mascots! Or paying attention to the halftime shows a little more. WAY more fun than analyzing all the bball stats.

The brackets are announced Sunday, and games start on 3/15 (Tuesday). It’s not too late to get the girls together!

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