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Has anyone stopped into an Ultimate Electronics lately?

They’ve gone belly-up, and are liquidating all their inventory. Since my husband is OBSESSED with gadgets, we swung in last weekend.

Smart move Mr. & Mrs. Housewife. We loaded up on some good deals; they almost PAID US to take it. Everything was almost 75% off at our store so it was a no-brainer.

We picked up this purple camera bag.

An extra battery for the DSLR camera:

and also picked an extra charger for our iPhones and some random cables for the TV. If you’re in the market for a new TV or any other gadgets, you’ve gotta get to one of the stores. They also had tons of cameras (digital/video/etc.) for heavily discounted prices. One note: obviously review everything before purchasing. It was kind of a train-wreck into the store and they were selling EVERYTHING. Down to the floor models and even the fixtures. If it’s open or a floor model just look her over a bit before stuffing it into your bag.

Even if you just need some random things like extra chargers or batteries, might as well swing in. I can almost guarantee you’ll find something worth the trip.

Happy shopping!

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Embrace the tankini

It’s time. This girl’s bikini wearing days may have come and gone. Maybe it’s the gall-bladder talking, or maybe I’m realizing I’m closer to 30 than 20. My six pack aint what it used to be and it’s time a little modesty came into play.

That being said; it’s a NIGHTMARE finding a cute tankini! I’m sick of my target suits that last 1 season and aren’t worth a dang the next. One site was great; www.everythingbutwater.com. Has anyone heard of that? Here are a few I found online but good lawd this aint gone be easy.

This one from Macy’s

I love the yellow stripe. It’s fun and still young which I love. Not crazy about the rosettes up top, but oh well.

This top from Bloomingdales is adorable! Plus I’d only need to buy the top since it would go with black bottoms I already have. The $140 price tag? No way.

This one is similar but again, loving yellow for some reason.

This Lucky suit is maybe my favorite! SUCH a cute pattern.

Another cute ruffle option.

Then there’s the 1piece route. I don’t want to look like I’m headed to water aerobics, but I have to admit this is pretty adorable for a 1 pc.

From Bloomingdales

Did I just buy myself a one-way ticket to Frumpy-ville? I hope not but these look WAY more comfortable than me squeezing into a 2 piece; scars all a mess.

Anyone else make the switch? Where is your favorite place to look for a good tankini or one-piece?

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Coach link

Heres the link! Hope it works for everyone!


Try password 3hotmocha.

Email me directly if this doesn’t work and I’ll give you the email as well:-)

Happy shopping!

****UPDATE**** looks like this might not work with my information guys 😦 sorry if anyone had trouble!!

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Coach Online Event: Tomorrow!

Us MN gals love Coach. Don’t know why, but it’s a pretty popular brand around here. I’m a little partial to the classic print with the tiny C’s myself, but I know they’ve got lots of other options. Some of my fav items are:





Wristlet: Perfect to fit your wallet, chapstick, and phone for a night out










Small Messenger Bag: perfect for running errands or when you’re on the go. This is my stand-by for football games in the fall or running errands. The long cross-strap leaves both hands free for other important things like cheering and tailgating 🙂











Work Tote: If money were no object; this bad boy would live with me. A little Birkin look-a-like, and so classic. This guy could come along with me on the bus in the morning, through the starbucks line, and live in my cubicle all day. A sweet work bag (although it’d be half my salary just to buy it…….shoot.)




I just got an email saying that the online-only outlet event is starting tomorrow! Click here for more info, but hopefully I can post the link here when it’s released tomorrow AM. Apparently there will be styles for an extra 20% off of items already discounted. YIPPEE!

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LOFT: Killer Deals

Looking to use those holiday gift cards? My loverly husband knows me very well, and stuck an Ann Taylor LOFT gift card in my stocking this year. I stopped by their website and saw TONS of pieces have gone on sale, and lots are an extra 30% off.

 I LIVE in their clothes Monday-Thursday from 8-5pm. I love a good suit, but the pants are great, cardigans are adorable, and the stuff is always on sale. Girlfriend just picked up some new work clothes and I am PUMPED!

 Here are a few of the looks I loved; (some which should be arriving at my house next week 🙂


Flower Cardigan $31.99


Dark Denim trousers $69.50


Ruffle front cardigan (in brown) $34.99


Black Dress Pants $41.99

They also had tons of dress pants, dresses, and suits if anyone is looking for anything! They also have talls and petites which are a nice option.

 They also had free shipping for anything over $125. (Which I shockingly didn’t get up to….but oh well!)


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