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House Tour: Bathrooms

Another spot on the house tour is here. Ready for it? The Bathrooms!

Doesn’t seem like that exciting of a room, but I realized our bathrooms are FULL of different colors that are actually a little interesting. Here they are!

On our main floor we just have a tiny half bath. This is the only pic I could find of it.

Next on this room I’d love to maybe upgrade for a cooler sink, something more open possibly with a spot for baskets/storage would be nice. Then a nicer framed square mirror is hopefully going to eventually replace the builder basic. It’s painted a great dark brown which I actually like alot.

Upstairs we’ve got one bathroom for all the guests. This will also be the “kids” bathroom someday.

I just added a few really neat black/white pictures from my Africa trip on the right-hand side. They add a little decor to an otherwise prettty empty space!
Upstairs is one of my favorite rooms in the house, the master bathroom! Here it is when you walk in. The double-vanity is amazing! TONS of storage with the drawers. This is actually hopefully going to be another update soon. Rip that big old mirror down and replace it with 2 cute rectangle mirrors under the vanity.
It’s in a little bit of an “L” shape, and around the corner is the best shower ever, and the toilet. I’m keeping it real today, check out that lovely hot pink bath robe hanging on the hook.
In the shower, one of the upgrades we made was adding built-in shelving into the sides. I know sometimes with all the tile you sacrifice a bit of storage, and this has been awesome. Another thing I love is the decorative band of tile across the top. This was a small detail but I love the way it breaks up the monotony of the tiling.
Downstairs we also have another guest bathroom. This is used probably the most often since it’s right next to the guest area in the lower level that everyone uses. It’s near the man cave, and tends to be a pretty popular spot for our family/friends to stay.
The paint matches the guest bedroom around the corner, hopefully tying it all in together. The shower curtain also matches the bedding there and is from the Fieldcrest line at Target.
Hope you enjoyed the most private place in my home; hopefully it wasn’t TMI for anyone!
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Our house currently has 3 rooms that we use as guest rooms. We planned on growing into our house and we’ve got plenty of room to spread out! I spent so much time on our Master Bedroom, that the guest rooms pretty much just have beds and paint. 

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that I didn’t shy away from color 🙂 

The first room is in our lower level. 

The bedding was from Fieldcrest about 2 years ago when we got married. I matched the wall color to one of the stripes in the bedding; it’s a shade called “Kathleen’s Garden” from Hirschfields. This winter I plan on adding some framed family photos, and some drapes. Those all seem like fantastic winter projects, meaning I’ll tackle them when the snow starts flying (which may be sooner than we think!)

Many of you have already seen the craft room/guest space/girliest room ever. My office!

You walk in the room and have the daybed; yes it’s teal. Yes, I bought it that way. Yes, I love it. 

The bedding is from Target and the frames/chandelier are from Ikea. 

The opposite side of the room has my desk/office and sewing space. 

The desk is from Ikea and it’s attached to two of the expedit bookshelf units. I did an entire post about this makeover awhile ago. Looking back at it exhausts me, but check it out if you want!

Here’s the last (much simpler) bedroom that we have upstairs. 

The bedding is a quilt from Crate & Barrel over a year ago. There are simple yellow and green squares on it. I don’t love it at the moment, but my mother-in-law stays here and she thinks it’s the best thing ever so it works. I’d love to keep the yellow walls, but maybe add in some more modern looks with some grey accents. Right now it’s a little too country for me, but it works for the moment!
Stop by Kelly’s Korner and check out all the other guest rooms!
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Kelly’s Korner is showing off kitchen’s today as part of her “Show us your Life” series. I realized I’d never posted about our Kitchen! When we decided to build this house, the kitchen was definitely what I was most excited about. I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I wanted to really focus on making it a place I would love to spend time in.

We’ve got two full walls of cabinets, and that gives us TONS of storage space. The counters are black granite and they’re very easy to keep clean. The cabinets are a dark cherry stain and the wood floors are maple. I love the contrast of the 2 different wood tones. My only complaint is that the maple floors are VERY soft and easily scratch. We went through quite a few area rugs to protect it from chair marks. 
On the left-hand side we have another small wall of cabinets. We made the front of the upper cabinets glass and I love the way that looks. 
We don’t have a china cabinet but this allows me to still display our nice china and serving-ware. To the left of this cabinet, we’ve got our calendar/mail sorter from Bed Bath & Beyond. 
It’s WAY less than the Pottery Barn daily system, and it definitely helps cut down on clutter! 
The best part about our kitchen is that it’s incredibly functional. I’ve had 4 people in here at one time working on large meals and it’s pretty easy to navigate. 
The appliances are all GE Profile in stainless steel. When we were shopping we loved the look of the “clean steel” but couldn’t justify the extra expense. I keep a small squeeze bottle filled with club soda and am able to clean the stainless steel without leaving any streaks. Super easy in my opinion! (PS: that crockpot is currently cooking up some Chicken Wild Rice casserole; I love fall!)
The dining room is just off the kitchen and opens up into the upstairs living room.
We got the area rug at Dock 86; a clearance furniture outlet here in Minneapolis. It’s got the same green as the walls, but also some rust and chocolate brown which adds some color to the room. The layout and flow of the kitchen is my favorite. Plenty of storage and room for entertaining!

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We moved into our house in December, and right away our laundry room became an awesome yellow color. It’s a little bright for some, but this area gets lots of sunlight and it makes me want to rip my eyeballs out a little less than usual when doing laundry. Here’s how it’s looked for the last few months.

This is standing from the doorway. We’ve got a nice little nook for the washer/dryer, and then the right-side is where we store shoes. The utility sink was a last-minute addition that I’m SO glad we went with.

So far the only remotely decorative thing I’ve done is grab these cute little bins from Home Goods. I grabbed them before choosing the paint and loved the grey/yellow/white stripe combo. Eventually over the washer/dryer area it would be great to have cabinets, but for now the baskets jazz up our builder-basic white wire shelf nicely.

This weekend I finally finished up some curtains for this room! I was lucky enough to find fabric at JoAnn’s that matched the bins pretty well! Here’s the updated picture with the new valance on the windows.

Here’s a zoomed in photo of the actual valance & fabric.

I LOVE it! With the faux-wood blinds I thought doing full drapes would be a little heavy in this room. I’m so glad I went with the valance only; seems perfect for a bright laundry room!
Next up for this room will hopefully be lockers using the awesome plans from Knock off Wood! We’ve got about 5 feet of space along the right-hand side that I think would be perfect for them! Linking this guy up to the usual offenders below! Also, stop by Kellys Korner to see more laundry rooms!
 Sumo Sweet Stuff 

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A great feature on another blog I read (Kelly’s Korner) is “Show us Your Life” where every Friday a new topic appears. I’m going to start participating becasue it will give me a post each friday where I don’t really need to be creative. (How’s that for honesty?)

Today’s is new year’s resolutions or goals. I’m not a HUGE resolution maker, but I do like to regroup each year and figure out some goals or cool accomplishments that I could check off my list. I find that oftentimes so many people set themselves up to fail, and are left disappointed in themselves when they can’t acheive what they set out to do. OR….they forget about it in two weeks and don’t ever follow through. That being set, here are some things I’m going to strive towards in 2010

1. Continue to live a healthy lifestyle. By keeping myself busy with a variety of activities (volleyball, running, golf, etc.) I should be able to reach this goal. I’d love to keep bringing my lunch as often as possible, and try to eat at home instead of eating out so much. With my new fab kitchen it’s hard to get me out of the house anyway, so I’m excited for this one! Here I mentioned another one of my goals, run 400 miles in one year. After tonight I will have already run 9 miles for the year; so slowly but surely I’m heading towards accomplishing that goal!

2. Make my marriage and family a #1 priority. I guess we’re technically past the newlywed stage, but we continue to learn something new about each other as time goes by. As more things continue to demand our attention (work, volunteering, etc.) I want to make sure that our relationship is still #1 and gets the time and attention it deserves! I also need to remember to call, text, email, keep in touch more. Most of my friends know that if you don’t hear from me for a month it’s not that we’re fighting. It’s that I forget to call or assume you know I still love you. I need to remember how nice it is when you get an email or phone call where someone’s just checking in to chat. Big goal = show the love!

3. Continue to become more involved in my community. Now that we’re settled into our home, I hope to really find my niche here in the city. We’ve met a few of our neighbors, and I hope to continue finding ways to enjoy our awesome neighborhood. We also have found a church that we really enjoy (with a great sunday night “teen/young adult” mass that is awesome!) I also found a sewing class at a local store and already know someone to take the class with me! Just expanding the network a little!

4. Make my home a place where we are able to root ourselves down. We’ve already began to make it our own, but I want people to always feel welcome there, and this spring we have lots of projects (especially outdoors! deck, patio, lawn, landscaping) that we’ll need to think about. By continuing to work on our home together, hubs and I will also be working on #2 which is good.

5. Strive for a healthy work/life balance. Since moving positions last April, I’ve found that I love my job, but at the end of the day I go home and am not consumed by the work I’ve left behind. It’s a great feeling. This is something that hubby is really striving for too; so it’s more of a goal for both of us.

I think these are general “life goals” that I strive for year round. It feels more attainable when you know that you are already working towards a goal, and also when you know you have support of family or friends. Here’s to a great 2010!

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