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The last 7 days….

The last week has been consumed by my big-girl job. 2 campuses in 4 days, and 64 candidates interviewed. Uffdah (that’s “kill me now” for you non-locals. Here’s a little update on our week, courtesy of the . iPhone.

In the meantime, this project finally got wrapped up:

Lockers are happening. And they are a game-changer.

This closet is heavenly:

Again: major game-changer.

And I ate alot of this all week.

Room service: not my favorite.

Back to normalcy this weekend. More pics to come, hopefully a smidge higher quality.

Peace out.

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Dress for Success

It’s finally time. I have clothes that have been sitting in my closet since I started my career. Granted that’s less than 5 years old, but the overstuffed closet tells a different story. I MAJORLY need to purge. Looking through all the cast-offs, I realized that while Goodwill would be a fine new home for these items…..but I could probably do even better. Looking through pieces from Gap, Banana Republic, The Limited, Express……..all nice items that I no longer wear for whatever reason.


2 full bags ready to go!

I’d heard about Dress for Success but had never researched it until now. Here’s some information from their website.

The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Here are some easy ways you can help.

  • Donate! Get that spring cleaning out of the way! While they don’t take everything, they will take LOTS of items.
  • Volunteer! Help as a personal shopper, career center specialist, or mentor.
  • Are you involved with any local organizations? Get your members involved and host a suit/clothing drive.

MN Ladies: Did you know that every Edina Realty location in the metro area is a Dress for Success drop-off location? I found one within 5 miles of my house; can’t be much more convenient than that! They also give you the receipt so you can count the donation towards your taxes. I’m already getting a start on 2011!

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Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy new year from my family to yours!

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Proud of my hometown…..

I grew up in northern Wisconsin in a town that typically flies under the radar. The only time I remember making the news is when our high school had the lowest graduation rates in the state (not exactly something to be proud of!)

I do however have to recognize them for their recent headline. My best friend Nikkee is a teacher in the school district, and she posted this awesome story on facebook.


I’m proud to be a Spartan today!

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Today I accomplished MAJOR things on my to-do list. As I discussed the menu with the hubster, I had a mini panic-attack over the lunch hour. I felt like this girl:

…as I literally said, “there’s just not enough time! There’s never any time!” Slightly overwhelmed by having so many people over. Of course I did what any grown-up would do. I called my mommy.

She reminded me of her super easy, super fantastic sloppy joe recipe that she’s made for 10,000 events over the years. (recipe to come after all this nonsense is done!) That was the catalyst for the entire menu; with the goal being SIMPLE!!! Here’s the menu for the weekend

Gameday Menu
Homemade Sloppy Joes
Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Fresh fruit
Chex Mix
Sugar Cookies
Beverages: bottled water, soda, lemonade, juice boxes and alcohol for the adults
**Anyone who’s reading this and coming? Many have asked if there’s anything they can bring. I’ll take it! Snacks/appetizers are welcome :o)**

Sunday AM (for all the sleep-over guests we will have)
Breakfast Casserole (Egg-Bake)
Fresh Fruit
Cinnamon Bread

List in hand, I set off to Super Target and Costco to get things figured out. Here is the aftermath of the shopping trip.

(sorry so blurry; the iPhone is my main method of photos this week!)
I consulted with the momma and decided that making things ahead of time is the way to go. I spent the evening browning 12 pounds of ground beef for the sloppy joes! 

With two pans going at a time, I only had to do two rotations to finish things up. Feels SO GREAT to have things done ahead of time. That morning I’ll just get them in the roasting pan and we’ll be good to go.

I also finished washing the guest bedroom linens; this house is ready for friends and family to invade!

Wish me luck; I have a week of work to still get through and even more cooking to try and stay ahead of everything. Gotta go catch up on Real Housewives of New Jersey. HOLY AWESOMENESS. Peace out.

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Next Saturday we have over 50 rabid football fans converging on our house. Our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers are playing their first game Saturday evening and there are many other games throughout the day. The mister and I have decided to have an epic event with friends and family that day, and we’re in the heat of getting things ready.

First step?

Hang your Husker flag proudly out front so that your neighbors know you have completely lost your mind. No better way to warn them off the massive amounts of football fans about to corrupt the neighborhood.

Next? Prepare for the guests.

Today I got all the guest room linens washed, and also got the bathrooms cleaned. Did you know you can wash your plastic curtain liners in the washing machine? Google it and 10,000 websites will show you how. That was a nice surprise today that made a big difference in the cleaning efforts.

Tonight we also spent an hour putting the final touches on the “man-cave” that I’ve turned over to the man in my life. I must say, it looks like the University of Nebraska bookstore threw up in my basement, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. More pictures of that to come!

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Last weekend I successfully completed my first stint as a bridesmaid! I was so honored when a few months ago my friend Kathleen asked me to be in her wedding. We’ve known each other since junior high, and she  put together a beautiful wedding in Duluth, MN. Here are a couple of shots from the big day and rehearsal dinner.

Friday evening was also the weekend the “Tall Ships” were in Duluth. I’d never heard of this, but it was a pretty cool event! This is the actual shipped used to film Pirates of the Caribbean.

Most of the bridesmaids I’ve known since junior high. We all played basketball on the traveling team together throughout junior high. We started at 3 different schools and by the time we got to high school we were inseparable. Now we’re in Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, and Wisconsin. I don’t see these girls as often as I’d like to so it was good to get back home. Here’s a good shot of most of us during the boat cruise (I’m on the left :o)
I have to say that I LOVED being a bridesmaid. Now that I’ve been on the other side; I hope I was able to be helpful to her on her big day! My sewing skills were definitely needed; I got her veil attached by making two little loops; and also tried to fix a bridesmaids dress. It was a busy morning! Here’s one of the only shots I have of the actual ceremony.
The dresses were great; I’ll hopefully get some use out of this one! 
Nice busy weekend. Congratulations Kathleen and Chad!

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