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A few weeks ago I cleaned out our ridiculous junk drawer. In doing that, I also found an exciting little treasure. A sim card from one of our old cameras. I should say first off that I’ve had some real bad luck with cameras.

I’ve lost at least 2 point and shoots since college, and also had my computer die in Africa with ALL my photos saved on it. That being said, I had assumed there was no digital copy of the photos from our honeymoon. Imagine my surprise when I saw that this sim card was FULL of our honeymoon pics! Mind you this was almost three years ago, but still….what a great find.

This made my day to look through all these. Enjoy!


An 8.5 hour flight goes by much quicker with in-flight cocktails!

Our awesome condo


Checking out the beach on day 1


Dolphins at Kaanapali Beach


At the Old Lahaina Luau

There are many more from my mom and dad’s nice camera. Now I just need to find those!

I’m working on another post with all the sweet things we did while we were there. Happy Saturday!

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A few weeks ago (before the great gall-bladder attack of ’11) I spent over a week on an amazing little vacay in Florida. The temperatures were over 70 the entire time; it was PERFECTION.

My grandparents are lucky enough to have a little piece of property there, and they invite their snot-nosed little granddaughter to spend a few days with them. ****Correction: I wasn’t even invited. My mom was invited. Since I have yet to “cut the cord” I tagged along and they were forced to bring me home from the airport with them. Thanks grammy for letting me rest my little blonde head there a few days 🙂

My special man-friend couldn’t accompany me. The first of the year is a crazy busy time for him so he had to hold the fort down here in MN. My gnarly MN feet spent the week deep in the sand. and it was AWESOME. I also saw dolphins EVERYWHERE!!! I have no idea why, but those little porpoises were going crazy while I was there.

Here’s one jumping through the wake of a boat:

Then all the relaxing was over. It was time for Grandma to take advantage of this pasty northerner and put her to work outside. Let it be known: my grandma is a woman who knows what she wants. This time grandma wanted a new patio……and this chipper little MN gal was gonna give her a damn patio.

My grandpa (aka McGyver) set to work and drew out the most complicated pattern known to man. Then we set out with the pavers and cranked out a beautiful new patio for her to enjoy her Smirnoff.

Do you see a pattern in there? You better! We worked REAL hard to match that pattern and it’s award-winning.

One day, (when the boss wasn’t looking 🙂 Mom and I hopped a little ferry over to Cayo Costa State Park which is on a great little island. On the way, a dolphin was right next to the boat.

We spent the day with no one around, smelling nothing but the seashore, buried in our books. Heaven!

Albino MN Girl (me)

The ferry ride home was about an hour, and mom was immersed in her sweet new Kindle. I spent the time snapping away some great pictures (in MANUAL MODE by the way!!!) and LOVED being able to capture some awesome images of Florida.

Yup, that's a dolphin!

Later that night; I heard crazy noises coming from the canal that is behind the house. There was lots of splashing, and huge puffs of air. I figured it was either a dolphin or manatee, and I was dying to see either of them.

Low and behold? A dolphin was swimming up and down the canal behind the house. Now I have a habit of “seeing” crazy things, telling my family about it, and having no one believe me. The dolsophin was not going to disappoint. He came back the next day! Here he is swimming around. (it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture!)

It’s so cool being surrounded by such different wildlife. It was much more exciting than the dirty little Northern Pike we have swimming in the water here in MN. Speaking of dirty little fishies; one of the days we also went throwing the line out for a few hours. We don’t go too far out, but we catch some great trout (I think?). The guy we go through; Captain Dick, brings us out each year and is quite the character.

Captain Dick

A huge stogie is permanently in the corner of his mouth. He also uses shrimp as bait, and he bites the heads off all the shrimp!!! Crazy; yes? Anyway, I don’t judge the man because he knows where the fish are. I like fishing with him because I have to bait the hook 0% of the time, and he always calls me dear. It’s the little things right?

McGyver (Grandpa)

Captain Dick cleans his fish everyday in the same place. The pelicans have him all dialed in and wait there for all the fish guts. They go NUTS and fight over them all when he’s cleaning. Pretty entertaining.

It was so great being able to relax with family for a few days. We went on a crazy long bike ride (over 20 miles I think!) and jogged quite a bit. We also rented kayaks for a day. I realized how ridiculously weak my arms were and whined a pretty large percentage of the time. Thanks for dealing with that mom!

Then comes the super depressing part. I came back to this:

That’s my snow-filled mailbox. Sitting on my porch. Apparently it tried to fight the neighborhood snow-plow……….and lost. My lovely neighbor brought it over and thankfully it wasn’t cracked or anything. Welcome back home to the frozen tundra right?

Can I come back to MN grandma? I’ll finish those gutters you wanted, or clean up the rock? Or train the dolphins in the canal? Anything?!?!?

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Hoosier Daddy?

Over the last five weeks, I’ve traveled to Bloomington, IN four times for work. They’re one of my campuses I recruit at and I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the campus. I’ve seen more “Hoosier Daddy” shirts than I can count, and I’ve actually enjoyed my time here. By no means am I a travel guide, but for all of you who want the 5 cent tour of the city, here’s what I recommend doing in Bloomington.

1. Jared’s Subway

Jared (the Subway) guy spent his time at this Subway on campus. He actually lived in the apartments above the restaurant! If I lived above a Subway maybe I’d also be a skinny-minny (or constantly smell of bread and cheese; both are feasible)

2. Hobby Lobby

I realize that I have lived in the dark ages. I understand that the rest of you love yourselves some “Hob Lob”………..how have I lived without this store? If Home Goods, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabrics all had a messy relationship that produced a love child; I’m convinced Hobby Lobby would be it. I went there yesterday and saw 12 aisles of Christmas decor. HEAVEN. I’ve already looked and MN is clearly missing out on this biznass. Which is probably a good thing considering my monthly spending on ridiculous things is already at an all-time high.

3. Sorority Houses
IU is a sorostitutes dream-land. The houses are GORGEOUS. Some can have 90 women living in the house. Awesome. They’re beautiful.

Love Love Love beautiful old houses.

4. Nick’s English Hut and Sink the Biz

If you are into the nightlife, Nick’s has one of the best traditions out there. They’ve invented a drinking game called “Sink the Biz” that has put this restaurant on the map. Here are the rules if you want to recreate this bad-boy at your own ploace. They also have awesome pizza. Since I have only traveled to IU on work-related events, I have not yet been a participant. It’s only a matter of time……..

5. Jiffy Treat Homemade Ice Cream
An Indiana company that has frozen yogurt, ice cream, and mix-ins. Their version of the DQ blizzard is called a cyclone and is HEAVEN. And? They deliver! I feel slightly better about myself thinking that it was frozen yogurt, but considering I added 70 pounds of Reese’s Pieces; it may not have been the healthiest option. Oh well.
Love it. Couldn’t live here all the time, but it’s a sweet college town. Not a bad place to spend a work trip!

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Protected: Boston Trip! (Part 2)

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Protected: Boston Trip! (Part 1)

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Friday evening that’s where I’m headed! Hubby has a conference and I’m tagging along so we can squeeze in a little vacay. I’ve never been and am pumped to see this historical, exciting city!

Lucky for me, while hubby is busy at conference activities I get to spend time with Leah (who’s hubs is also attending the conference). We already plan on taking lots of pics with our sweet new cameras, and just entertaining one another as usual!

Trouble is, we have lots of downtime I think. We already get to go to a Red Sox game, but otherwise I think it’s a pretty flexible schedule.

Where should we go? What should we see? Any Bostonians in the house that can help this chick out?

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Last Wednesday through Friday hubs had a work trip in New York. Each year around this time we’re lucky enough to attend a large gala and thankfully since he “put a ring on it”, I get to go with him! He actually spends most of the day working, but in the evenings we get to enjoy the city which is fun.

This year we arrived Wednesday night and after much begging/pleading from me, hubs agreed to see a broadway show. Funny thing about my husband. No matter what city we are in, he would rather spend the evening with a cold beer in front of some sporting event. We pass by NBA City? He wants to buy a beer glass. Champs? Sign us up. I pleaded my case and we ended up on Broadway. Best decision ever. We got tickets to Wicked and it was fantastic!

It was seriously awesome. Great set changes, AMAZING music, and a cool story-line. I didn’t know much before going, but if you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, you will appreciate Wicked. Very high-level preview? It takes place before the Wizard of Oz and focuses on the relationship between Glinda (the “good witch”) and Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West). You learn that they actually have a history and see how their paths unfolded. Totally reshapes the way you think of the Wizard of Oz which was awesome.

One thing I learned for anyone traveling to NYC in the near future: go directly to the theatre to buy your tickets. We first tried to get tickets through the concierge at our hotel. They wanted $150/ticket. Walked 5 blocks to the actual theatre, got even better seats for $110 each. Granted it’s still not chump-change, but this small adjustment saved this team $80. Well worth the stinky 5 block journey to the theatre.

The hubs spent the rest of the time in meetings, then Thursday night we headed to the gala. I rocked an old black dress that is my stand-by for events like this. I couldn’t find a good full-length shot, but it worked well. And the performer for the night?

FAITH HILL!!!! Here’s a shot of her performing. She did about 8 songs and was awesome. She is has a phenomenal voice, and is smokin hot. Made for a great evening. Hubs and I had an awesome time, and loved classing it up for a night together.

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