The last week has been consumed by my big-girl job. 2 campuses in 4 days, and 64 candidates interviewed. Uffdah (that’s “kill me now” for you non-locals. Here’s a little update on our week, courtesy of the . iPhone.

In the meantime, this project finally got wrapped up:

Lockers are happening. And they are a game-changer.

This closet is heavenly:

Again: major game-changer.

And I ate alot of this all week.

Room service: not my favorite.

Back to normalcy this weekend. More pics to come, hopefully a smidge higher quality.

Peace out.

One of our engagement pictures (from 2008!) got selected as a Top 10 entry in a “Cutest Valentine’s Couple” contest!

"Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as long as you live"

Since I’m for sure not below shameless self-promotion, I wanted to pass the voting info on to all of you. 

Click here to visit the website and vote. There’s some adorable pictures over there but of course we’d love to take the prize home 🙂 Anything to validate the cost of a wedding photographer right?

Wish us luck!

Weekend Plans

This weekend my life will be consumed by this:

Feast your eyes on my Valentine’s day present. Hubs gave in to my nagging suggestions and we took advantage of the Container Store’s 30% off sale on the Elfa organizational system.

Our closet is currently a hot mess; and we have stuff all over the place! We went with the Elfa Decor style and will be installing it most of Saturday. What I mean by that is, hopefully my husband will figure out the install and I can finally paint our master bathroom. I’m so shady sometimes it kills me.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement!

Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as long as you live

You make me laugh like this EVERY DAY.

You came with me to get groceries this weekend; just because you know I LOATHE doing it.

You helped motivate me to go for a run yesterday, and will attend every race I ever sign up to run.

You think I look real cute in this picture.

You’ve earned yourself 9 more Valentine’s Days.

Visit here to see some cute couples today!

Ok. Let’s just be real here. I officially saw the worst movie ever made last week. Have any of y’all seen “The Roommate?”

Let me save you the $10 (and 90 minutes of your life you’ve kissed goodbye) and break it down for you.


These directors must’ve thought that throwing two super hot chicks into the mix would make it all ok. Granted Minka Kelley and Leighton Meester are gorgeous, but I’d rather BOTH of them just never talk again. The acting was HORRENDOUS.

I also immediately lost respect for the movie because of all the ridiculous sexually charged scenes. For 5 minutes we have to watch Leighton Meester spend some “alone time”  in her dorm room. CREEPY! Unless your names are Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis; you are not allowed to focus 10 minutes on this aspect of your movie.

Then the climax of it all (poor word choice there, sorry!) is a big fight scene at the end. It’s super hot chicks pulling each other’s hair and whining. SO lame.

My recommendation? Save your money. Walk down to the video store/goodwill/Target and pick yourself up “Single White Female” (circa 1992 starring Bridget Fonda). Be prepared to be legitimately super creeped out by the friendship obsessed roommate stalking that occurs.

Then realize that “The Roommate” is this EXACT movie just set in current time.

  • Your sweet new roommate turns out to be obsessed with you? Check
  • Creepy Roommate begins pissing off all your friends; who try to warn you she’s bought a one way ticket to crazy-town? Check
  • Creepy Roommate pretends to be you and then hooks up with you boyfriend? Check
  • Creepy Roommate foreshadows her murderous rampage by hurting a poor innocent animal? Check

The original is WAY better. Trust me on this one. Sorry Leighton/Minka. The 90’s win out big here!

Guest Room Update

Last week I finally got around to making a few small updates to one of the guest rooms. I had an idea of what I’d wanted for awhile, but I never got around to getting it done. The walls are a great yellow, and for the last year a white/yellow Crate & Barrel quilt had been covering the bed.

It was fine, but the quilt wasn’t doing it for me. The big squares were a little too modern, and I’m more traditional than I originally thought!

It all started with Home Goods. That store is gone be the death of me. I found a great quilt that had all the colors I was looking for. Some soft touches of yellow, but also some green and white.

I love the pattern. It also ties in great with the yellow but is much softer than the last quilt she was rockin. There’s a little paisley/floral thing happening that makes my heart swoon. For $30? Perfect.

Then I remembered these frames my momma had given me awhile ago. She had them for years but never found the perfect spot for them. They work perfectly here over the bed.

The guest room is used by family all the time, so I know they’ll like these additions. Plus I can finally look like we have loved ones; considering we’ve lived here a year and these are the first photos I’ve hung on the wall! What can I say; I was a bit hammer-shy for some reason.

Finally, I have this great metal mirror on the other wall.

I think it’s my favorite piece in the room. It’s got great white chippy paint all over it, and it’s huge so it makes a big enough statement on the wall alone.

Here she is; much cozier now!

The only thing left are some sort of window treatments for the big window (behind me in the photo above). I’ll keep my eye out for those but otherwise it’s MUCH cozier. Amazing what a few small accessories and a new blanket can do for a girl!

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Dress for Success

It’s finally time. I have clothes that have been sitting in my closet since I started my career. Granted that’s less than 5 years old, but the overstuffed closet tells a different story. I MAJORLY need to purge. Looking through all the cast-offs, I realized that while Goodwill would be a fine new home for these items…..but I could probably do even better. Looking through pieces from Gap, Banana Republic, The Limited, Express……..all nice items that I no longer wear for whatever reason.


2 full bags ready to go!

I’d heard about Dress for Success but had never researched it until now. Here’s some information from their website.

The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Here are some easy ways you can help.

  • Donate! Get that spring cleaning out of the way! While they don’t take everything, they will take LOTS of items.
  • Volunteer! Help as a personal shopper, career center specialist, or mentor.
  • Are you involved with any local organizations? Get your members involved and host a suit/clothing drive.

MN Ladies: Did you know that every Edina Realty location in the metro area is a Dress for Success drop-off location? I found one within 5 miles of my house; can’t be much more convenient than that! They also give you the receipt so you can count the donation towards your taxes. I’m already getting a start on 2011!